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Thursday, November 29, 2018


We can't believe it's already time for Elf on the Shelf to make his return. Jordan's Elf has been making his rounds for a few years now but last year was my Elf's first debut. Liam had just turned 3 and Lanier was 4 months so lucky for me I can just repeat everything from last year. I did quiz Liam to see if he remembered anything at all that the Elf did last year and he didn't. Of course I document it all, so when they are grown up I can remind them of the great Elf experience they had when they were If you have more than one kid do you have multiple Elves? I do feel like I could come up with so many more ideas with a pair of Elves. Maybe I'll add another one for Lanier next year...stay tuned..ha! So, to help make your life a little easier this Christmas Season here are some ideas. Some are really easy and some are a little more intricate.
This took some effort but turned out pretty cute. Plus, breakfast is served!

All you need are some permanent markers and just draw whatever you think your kids will like on the eggs. This was a favorite. 

This one is SUPER easy!

I like to pick up some little craft items in the dollar section at Target or Michaels to incorporate with Elf. It makes it easy on you and the kids get a fun activity out of it too. (I put clear tape on the elf and then added some paint on top.)

This takes a little more effort but it was my favorite one! I mean, how cute did this turn out. The cup is a bottle lid filled with hair conditioner. (I wasn't sure how well milk would hold up sitting out for 24 hours but it could be fine.) The cookies are mini oreos and they are sitting on a little piece of a cocktail napkin that I cut out. 

This is another easy one.  Just fold up a tissue for the pillow and cover with another tissue and done.

If you have a pet and any kind of truck then this one is for you.

Okay, so making the tiny tree and presents out of Play Doh was a bit of a challenge but if you are feeling creative go for it.

Another easy one!

 If you don't have a bag of cotton balls I recommend getting a bag for Elf on the Shelf purposes. You can do so many things with them like this Elf bubble bath.

Yep, just some stickers and a little tape. Easy peasy!

This was another favorite. You can use whatever baked/store bought item you have on hand. Put a little flour and cinnamon in a mixing bowl and sprinkle it on the counter and on your Elf. (Shameless plug, those are our Pumpkin Muffins and the recipe can be found under our Recipes tab)

If you are planning on making a Gingerbread House then just make it look like your Elf brought it from the North Pole. It's a win, win!

Also, pick up some mini candy canes. You can do so many things with them.

I'm pretty sure this was a last minute....I don't feel like thinking moment...but, it's an easy idea.

Remember when doing this one to put it in a less high traffic area. This one was definitely in our way all day but still a good idea. 

Every year we give our kids an ornament. So, we have the Elf bring them Christmas Eve morning. That way we can add them to the tree before Christmas Day. The note also says that when they are hung back on the tree it sends a signal to the Elf to return. Our Elf doesn't come until the tree is up.

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Tis' The Season! Enjoy!


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