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Friday, August 30, 2019


Happy Friday! We have found so many great pieces at our favorite store lately. We are big believers in investing in classic timeless pieces and creating a base wardrobe that you can wear for years. Then we like to mix in fun trendier pieces that are at a lower price point. Being stylish doesn't have to be expensive. We think all of these have a higher end designer look to them. Can you believe every one of these items is under $35!

This dress is a total must! Dress it up or dress it down with a leather jacket and some cute sneakers. 

This is definitely one of our favorite prints. Love the belt on this one! Again, easy to dress up or dress down.

This top has such a high end look to it. Pairs perfectly with a skirt or a pair of high rise jeans. Great color for fall.
Rust Eyelet Top | Skirt Available in Stores

It's all about the leather skirt this fall and this is a really great one. It's not currently online so check your local store. This top is also a must. It's so soft and comfy and is a great fall staple. 
Crew Neck Drapery Shirt | Top Handle Crossbody Bag | Skirt Available in Stores

This just may be our favorite look of them all. These pants are so cool! We also can't resist a comfy puff sleeve sweatshirt.
Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt | Pants Available in Stores

Another great print for fall. Love the sleeves!

Such a fun look as we transition into fall. 

This skirt was one of our under $50 picks from Monday's post and it's even better in person. We added it to the JordAsh Closet. (Jordan and I joke that we should just create one big wardrobe for the two of us to share).

This dress isn't currently online but it's in the store right now. It also has pockets. We had to show how cute it looks on. For reference, Jordan is 5'4" & Ash is 5'8".
Dress Available in Stores

Top Handle Crossbody Bag | Sweater & Skirt Available in Stores


Monday, August 26, 2019


We live in NC and can't believe this, SUPER RARE, fall like weather we have had the past couple days. It's definitely been nice to have a little break from the usual August sweltering heat! It's usually hard to even think about fall attire this time of year, but all the good stuff does come out early. Now is the best time to start buying some pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. We found so many great pieces for UNDER $50!! Loving every single one of these Must Haves!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Kids Dance Wardrobe

Dance sessions are starting back up and we have picked out our favorite pieces for your little dancer. Jordan has had Connell in dance for a couple years now, but this is Lanier's first year. She will begin her first "Twirl Class" today and I'm super excited to dress her up like a tiny ballerina. However, a few weeks ago I started online shopping for her dance wardrobe and quickly realized that I had no idea where to begin. I called Jordan with all my questions...does she need a full on tutu or a little flounce skirt or a tie on skirt??? What about sleeves...cami? tank? long sleeve? short sleeve?? This is all new territory for me and I had no idea there were so many choices!!! So, she said she would send me some links to what Connell likes best. Then we started thinking that if I had all these questions,  then it might be helpful if we shared our selections with you too. It's just all too adorable! Everything is pictured in pink but most pieces are available in a variety of colors.


Monday, August 19, 2019


Hope everyone had a great weekend! We wanted to share about a brand we have known for years. However, it wasn't until more recently that we realized how many great pieces they actually have to offer. You do have to really hunt their site to find the good stuff, but we think that part is fun. Everything on their site is at a really low price point. We have picked out some of our favorite must haves. Every item is under $25! 
Ash recently ordered this Midi Dress. It's under $20 and we were both shocked at the nice quality. It's such an easy dress to throw on as we continue these brutally hot and humid months here in NC.

We still have a love for tie dye and how cute is Tie Dye Layered Midi Skirt

This Rainbow Stripe Belted Dress is super cute on...and a great $23 alternative to the Zimmerman Rainbow Dress we are obsessed with.

 You won't believe the price of this one! Layered Polka Dot Midi Skirt 

Wanted to show you how the Midi Dress could also be easily dressed up too.

How adorable is this Toddler Rainbow Dress!

Also, how pretty are these trees when they bloom. Ours always blooms twice each summer. My photographer (aka my husband) kept telling me he couldn't get my entire dress in the shot unless I backed up🤨🙄.


Friday, August 9, 2019


Happy Friday Everyone! Jordan and I went to the Thomas Rhett concert last night and it was SO much fun! That's why this post wasn't posted first thing this morning like! We are sharing some great finds we have come across this week that are under $100. Some are even well under $50. We were both rocking our headbands last night that are the same brands as #6. Love all of the fun prints! Our favorite pajamas are #7 & #8. They are seriously the best! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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