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Monday, August 19, 2019


Hope everyone had a great weekend! We wanted to share about a brand we have known for years. However, it wasn't until more recently that we realized how many great pieces they actually have to offer. You do have to really hunt their site to find the good stuff, but we think that part is fun. Everything on their site is at a really low price point. We have picked out some of our favorite must haves. Every item is under $25! 
Ash recently ordered this Midi Dress. It's under $20 and we were both shocked at the nice quality. It's such an easy dress to throw on as we continue these brutally hot and humid months here in NC.

We still have a love for tie dye and how cute is Tie Dye Layered Midi Skirt

This Rainbow Stripe Belted Dress is super cute on...and a great $23 alternative to the Zimmerman Rainbow Dress we are obsessed with.

 You won't believe the price of this one! Layered Polka Dot Midi Skirt 

Wanted to show you how the Midi Dress could also be easily dressed up too.

How adorable is this Toddler Rainbow Dress!

Also, how pretty are these trees when they bloom. Ours always blooms twice each summer. My photographer (aka my husband) kept telling me he couldn't get my entire dress in the shot unless I backed up🤨🙄.


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